General information

Enez District Governorship is a local authority responsible for the administration of the entire district. Enez is one of the districts of Edirne Region which is near the Greek border, in the Thrace region of Turkey. The town is located on the Eastern bank of the Merich river, where its estuary broadens to flow into the Gulf of Saros, the ancient Melas Gulf, and then into the Aegean Sea. The main activities of the institution are:

Also, the institution is focusing on:

Governmental offices such as District Director of National Education, District Director of National Health, District Director of Sports, etc. are coordinated by Enez District Governorship.

Official website - www.enez.gov.tr

Project activities and results

Activity A.T1.2 Endowing the water activity center with specific equipment

Government District of Enez administration has a coordination role in public works relating to health, education, public safety and culture and tourism sectors. Under the project, the institution will establish an underwater archaeological area and will equip one water activities center in order to promote local activities relating to ensuring strong diversification of the tourism services and products in the area. District Government Enez will purchase the necessary equipment for the water sports activities and for cultural activities that will be provided by the sport activity center. Also, this center will have one administration room and one rest studio for the trainers. The institution will organize meetings with specialized representatives from various entities develop a manual with a best practices in the underwater tourist activities and two research studies regarding the tourism sector and the underwater activities and sports.


Activity A.T2.3 Creation of a digital map of underwater archaeological heritage in Turkey

The institution will procure the services for the mapping activities showing the established underwater archaeological area in the sea, a location created within the project by placing several sculptures (copies of certain discovered archaeological monuments) on the bottom of the sea. These monuments are included in the natural and cultural patrimony of the Black Sea Basin area. The winning contractor will collect from the specialists from Historical Museum of Edirne and from District Government of Enez, from Turkey the necessary data in order to create the digital map that will promote the archaeological site established in Enez. By implementing this project activity, the underwater archaeological sites will be valorized and promoted.


Activity A.I1.1 Small Scale reconstruction works in a building that will be transformed in underwater research activities in ancient Ainos – Enez

Ancient Ainos / modern Enez is situated near to the very popular bay, Saroz Bay, which is one of the best diving places in Turkey. The location integrates different conditions for scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, underwater archaeological research activities and regular summer sea activities. Due to economic and certain financial difficulties in the city, there is no special tourism promotion center or any center where the visitors of the city could receive training services and different entertainment services related to water activities. This location has no museum, exhibition gallery or other archaeological or historical promotion center.

Under the current project the District Government of Enez will reconstruct its own public building and will transform it into center for promotion of all water tourism activities in the region and the underwater heritage of the ancient Ainos. A three-stored building will be reconstructed near to the port of Enez and near to the summer camps of many universities.

In this center, the reconstruction works will be done for the internal partitions, the ceilings, the insulation, the heating system, the rewiring, the water supply, the toilets, the doors and the windows. Interior works and activity facilities (equipment) will also be purchased. After the construction works for the building will be finalized, the Center will initiate the underwater activities and will also host many NGOs and SMEs that will promote their tourism activities and organize trainings and other creative services there.

Also, the creative cultural NGOs and other groups will organize trainings in cultural activities such as painting - recreating the local underwater heritage of ancient city Ainos, exhibiting different remains, organizing promo days for visitors and etc. In the center separate creative areas will be established: exhibiting corner for underwater remains of Ainos, creative cultural areas as painting room, crafts room, training room for water activities as scuba diving, snorkeling, learning room for marina heritage, etc. Also, the center will have a hall for trainings of local cultural and tourism operators.


Activity A.I1.2 Small scale investment activity for establishment of underwater archaeological area in Ancient Ainos

Because of the lack of any museum, exhibition gallery or other archaeological or historical promotion location in the city, Enez requires any new investment that will contribute for the diversification of the local tourism services in the town and will stimulate its social and economical development. Ancient Ainos was a part from very important Roman trade routes and now deserves to be a part from the sustainable underwater archaeology tour destination. Investment works will start with the selection of the archaeological artifacts to be copied by sculptors. This activity will be implemented together with the experts from the Historical Museum of Edirne and the selected sculptures. After the meetings with the museum's experts and legal representatives, Government District of Enez will elaborate a list of artifacts to be placed in the identified area. During the process of preparation of the project the partner determinate some important archaeological monuments that eventually will take part in the underwater area - the lion figure, revealed in Enez, one miniature of the castle walls of ancient Ainos, the statue of Nike goddess and one old sarcophagus.


Communication activities

Activity C.1 Communication start-up activities

After signing the subsidy contract, the institution will issue a press release announcing the project, the general objective and the specific objectives, the activities and the results of the project.


Activity C.4 Public event – exchange of experience

The Common event – exchange of experience will take place in Turkey with all partners involved in the project. During this event, the cultural and natural patrimony (classic and underwater) from Black Sea Basin will be promoted, through innovative methods (album, digital maps, holograms and 3D move) created during the implementation process. Also, during this meeting each partner will have the opportunity to present the most important aspects of the implementation process and the experience gained thought it.


Activity C.6 Public events - Information campaign in Turkey

One information campaign will be realized in Turkey. District Government of Enez will organize a press conference for local media representatives. 50 press packs will be included in the organization of the event and more than 5 press releases will publish in local media.


Activity C.9 Press release

At the end of the project, a press release will be issued in order to announce the dissemination of results and achievement of the objectives of the project.


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